"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."



The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), that is NCERT. The school follows the books published by S.Chand and co. Ltd, Oxford publications, NCERT publication and CBSE books.

                       The three language system is followed from U.K.G to VIII class with equal status being given to all the three languages – English, Hindi and Telugu. At IX and X class level, we adopt the Two language format advocated by the board – English as the First language and either Hindi or Telugu as the second language.

                       The teaching methods are updated with the changing times. School has Digi-classes installed. These have added interest and awareness along with the potential skills of our staff members.

                       The school follows the guidelines of the CBSE in toto as far as the curricular and co-curricular activities are concerned. Under co-curricular activities we have work experience, Art education and Physical and Health Education; and the Co-scholastic areas covered as per the directions of the Board.

                        The school has Computers under Work Experience, Dance under Art Education and varied Sports and Physical activities under Physical and Health Education. These departments are manned by Trained Faculty members.

                         The imparting of education, conduct of Weekly, Monthly and Term tests are all done in a systematic manner with no scope for haphazardness or tentativeness.

                          The academic year is divided into two semesters. In each semester two Formative Assessments (FA) are conducted which include Pen and Paper Tests, Seminars, Elocution, Project work, Assignments, Field trips, Practical, Chart preparations, Collection of Data. Grades are awarded as per the performance of the students for all the activities. At the end of each semester a Summative Assessment (SA) is conducted with the help of the Board for IX and X classes and by the management for other classes.

                           Regular records are maintained of all the above mentioned activities and presented to the parents at regular intervals.

                           There is constant interaction between the Management and the Parents. A management committee has been established which includes Management, Parents, Teachers as per the guidelines of the Board. There is also a working Parent-Teacher Association to sort out the grievances of the Parents.

                           Regular counselling of the students is done to solve the short comings, fears, grievances of the Students.