"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."



                       Sri Prakash Residential School has a HOSTEL attached to it. There are boarders not only from the surrounding villages but also from Miryalaguda town. Please do not be surprised to know that even children from HYDERABAD, MUMBAI, CHENNAI & BANGALORE were residents here.

                       The hostel has a homely atmosphere where children mingle up, share their things, are very close to one another and also with the Hostel staff. It is not a luxurious stay here but one can honestly say that it is quite comfortable. The hostlers are placed in well-ventilated dormitories with sufficient number of fans. All the windows have mesh to prevent the entry of mosquitoes. The children have proper cots to sleep on. No problem for washing clothes. Washer men wash their clothes and return them very much in time. Hot water supply for 6 months and even more is a plus to this hostel. A convenient and spacious hall for dining makes children enjoy the homely food provided to them. The food is a balanced diet, yet tasty. Mineral Water (In House Water Plant is available) is provided for drinking. Over all there is no water scarcity for any purpose.

                       There is a generator to help the kids study and sleep comfortably at times of power cut. An atmosphere for happy study is created by the staff who supervise them throughout the study time - early morning, evening and night.

                       Outside the study hours, children have a friendly and parental relation with their study hour teachers which makes them feel very much at home. They are given all freedom to discuss the problems they have, if at all they have any.

                       A projector, TV, indoor games etc are also a part of the hostel to entertain the children during the week ends. It looks like a place of recreation during the week ends. Parents visit them and spend enough time with them usually on Sunday evenings.

                       A Registered Medical Practitioner visits the hostel every morning and remains with them for about an hour and a half and solves their health problems if any.

                       A very strict but reachable night watchman who is really awake all night makes the children sleep fearlessly throughout the night. There are about ten teachers who are also their care takers to whom they can approach at any time for any help.

                       What else does a boarder need to be in a hostel without a feeling that life in a hostel is a punishment! This thought is put into the little brains by the parents to make them silent at home. But once a child stays in this hostel for a couple of days, will never feel it as a punishment. In fact, they love to live here with their friends for their better future,

of course.

                       Finally, I strongly recommend every student to stay in a hostel for at least a period of 1-2 years which makes them learn to live independently in their future years of study.

                       Suggestions are most Welcome!!