I feel very fortunate to be the Principal of this CBSE affiliated Institution. Hearty congratulations to all the parents in making a right choice by choosing the CBSE syllabus. The Central Board of Secondary Education is striving to bring out the best of a child in every aspect. Have a look at the progress card issued by the Board after the X exams and you can have a clear idea of the child in Curriculum, Extra Curricular activities and also the qualities of the child. None can prevent me from appreciating the Board for its pre-plan, punctuality and perfectness. It’s a privilege for me for being given an opportunity to attend some training programs, workshops etc.

                      The CCE introduced by the board helps even the average and below average children to develop some interest towards studies. This is because the exams are not simply the monotonous pen and paper exams where most of the children just by-heart the answers to the questions. Here, there are oral exams, Project works, Listening activities, Practical and many varied parts in an assessment of the child. You can see an overall development of the student.

                      The examination pattern is also unique. One can fare well in the CBSE Board exam only if he/she is thorough with the subject. Nobody can guess a paper here. This helps a child to succeed in the All-over India Competitive Exams.

                       Now, as far as the Institution is concerned, I am proud to say that we have provided an opportunity to study in a CBSE school in this rural area of Nalgonda District. Children enjoy studying in Sri Prakash Residential School – where apart from studies they have Games, Sports, Quiz competitions, Elocutions, Picnics, excursions etc. They are encouraged by being awarded with A1, A2, B1 and B2 grade badges for their performances. They are made to inculcate the habit of reading books and magazines.

                       Seminars are another point of interest. The child is given a topic, asked to prepare and deliver the matter in the class. The class then can raise doubts and get them cleared.

                       The management and staff have been doing tremendous job for all the past 35 years and would continue in the same manner in future also.

                       Congratulations and a word of praise for all the students of this glorious institution who have gone out with flying colors and are very well settled both in India and Abroad. I wish them all the very best.

                        Thank you Parents, for your co-operation in running the school smoothly and expect the same from you in many more years to come.

I remain always yours.

Mrs. Sarada Kolipaka,


Sri Prakash Residential School.


"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."