"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."




SPRS students act as volunteers in two temples located near the school during festivals, functions organized by the temple management. The students volunteer throughout the day and contribute in the regulated movement of the pilgrims, distribution of Prasad, sale of items.

                            Our students visit the Deaf and Dumb school and interact with those students. Our students cheer up the inmates of the Deaf and Dumb hostel by presenting them with gifts and by playing games with them.

                            Our students visit Old Age Home located near our school. They distribute fruits and sweets amongst the people stationed there, spend time with them and give them comfort and affection as grand children do to their grandparents.

                             Our Students also participate in gardening work, cleaning the school premises. Students visit the nearby slums to educate the parents and children about the importance of Education, Health & Hygiene, Peace, Love & Affection. They contribute monetarily too and also distribute clothes, slippers, shoes.

                             Our students are always in the forefront when it comes to extending help to the needy people, especially during calamities.


SPRS conducts regular trips and excursions. The management has taken students to many places in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar khand, Rajasthan. The excursions are organized by the school itself or with the help of Travel agencies like Southern Travels.

                            It is a regular feature which is thoroughly enjoyed by the Students. Excursions help the students to become independent, aware of many things, in social behavior, to be friendly and helpful, to become knowledgeable.